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Do you need a programmer? Use my services as a programmer by hiring me to do programming on your website project. Let your web designer make the site look good. Hire me as your programmer to make it function.
As a Programmer, most of my work comes from small companies, and web designers, graphic design, marketing companies and individuals that do not have knowledge and experience with Programming.
I have built many custom applications like project management system, classified ad websites and content management systems. I also work with open source applications such as WordPress, online shopping cart websites like Zen Cart and develop content management systems like Joomla.
Experienced, reliable and professional, I work on your project until it is completed to your specifications. I am always available for ongoing support after a project is finished. You can count on me to get your project completed.
Based in India, I have been a web developer for fifteen years of them working from home developing as a software developer and programmer.
As a programmer, I focus on the back end coding of website development. By this, I mean most of the work I do makes a website function, but you cant really “see it”. For example, when you submit a form, and the data is emailed or inserted into a database, or when you add products to a shopping cart and then make a purchase using a credit card. I support many web designers that focus on the front end development (how the website looks) and need programming and MySQL database development integrated into their website design.
I have developed numerous custom applications along with designing and developing MySQL databases too.
Some of the types of custom application programming projects include:
custom content management systems
eCommerce shopping cart websites
Member registrations and login applications
Many types of form scripts; contact forms, paypal forms, upload forms….
To get a better idea of the types of custom application programming I have developed

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