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Get the rank of a user in a score table

Below is Scores Table data and structure

Id Name score
1 Ram 90
2 Shyam 85
3 Dhanshyam 95
4 Sita 65
5 Geeta 98
6 Radha 45


Select Code
SELECT id, name, score, FIND_IN_SET( score, (
FROM scores )
) AS rank
FROM scores order by rank

We get following result from above query :

Id Name score rank
5 Geeta 98 1
3 Dhanshyam 95 2
1 Ram 90 3
2 Shyam 85 4
4 Sita 65 5
6 Radha 45 6
Select Code
SELECT COUNT(*)+1 as rank
(SELECT score FROM scores ORDER BY score) AS sc
WHERE score <
(SELECT score FROM scores where Name='Ram')

Select Code
SELECT id, name, score, 1 + (SELECT count( * )
FROM scores a WHERE a.score > b.score ) AS rank FROM scores b
WHERE Name = 'Shyam' ORDER BY rank LIMIT 1

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